Anti-Trump Protest In Manhattan!

By: Al Manara Magazine-Dubai

Cosmopolitan Anti-Fascists launched a huge rally, the organization believes that Donald Trump’s presidential bid as a betrayal of American values, protester marched in midtown Manhattan between two Trump’s towers. Hundred protesters gathered on Saturday to protest Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Protesters chanted “Donald Trump, go away, racist, sexist, anti-gay” and “Immigrants are welcome here. Don’t give in to racist fear.”

Trump has spoken often he would build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and it’s risky to take in Syrian refugees because terrorists could be among them.

He said Mexican immigrants in the U.S. illegally are “rapists” and “criminals.”

These statement claimed by Trump made other Americans to speak-out their voice to boycott trump.

However, the protest was largely peaceful, though police said there were three arrests on such infractions as charging officers. Police initially estimated the crowd at 300, but the number of the crowd grew steadily as the afternoon wore on.
Directly after 1 p.m., the crowd moved into Central Park and then marched down Central Park to Trump Tower, where they chanted and waved placards. “You don’t belong in the city; go home,” was one of the politer chants.

There were some Trump supporters at the rally that were heckled, but the protest remained peaceful.

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