“Ain’t your Mama,” Jennifer Lopez Announces New Single!

Jennifer Lopez, 46, just announced that she’s about to drop a new single music, “Ain’t your Mama” and it will be first performed live on the finale of American Idol this coming Thursday.
The superstrar music is on its way! Fans all over the world can download the full track after she performs in American Idol stage.
The singer took to Facebook live to say some detail of her upcoming song. In the video clip, she getting all dolled up in her dressing room. As she puts make-up, she lip syncs part of the chorus of the song like, “I ain’t gonna cook all day, I ain’y your mama. I ain’t gonna do your laundry, I ai’nt your mama, boy, I ain’t your mama.”
This is the first single that J.Lo will be releasing with Epic records, which she recently signed a contract.


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