Budding model, Rayan Ricci recounts humble beginning

Budding model, Rayan Ricci Farhat has his sight set on the make-believe world of acting and modeling but with little clue the road to travel to make his dream a reality. But with the fire burning inside and can-do spirit he may soon be making the rules his own way.
“I want to show to the world what I am able to do. Since my modeling career started I have been working hard to keep it growing. I will love to try acting to see myself in different lights, and of course I would love as a man, to make a family. I may be too old-fashion but there is nothing more important than our own family, someone who loves you for who you are and not for what you have got. I love traveling so I hope that I will continue to work all around the world, continue to meet new people, new cultures, new views, and hopes everything goes on the way it started. I have been studying theatre and cinema and I really loved it,” he revealed in an interview.
Rayan Ricci has always had a passion for travelling. Since he was a kid, his dad (a Lebanese) always took him and his brother to Lebanon for the summer. But he only saw Lebanon between when he was born till his 17th birthday. When he turned 17, he refused to go again, closed that way and decided to discover new countries, new cultures and new people.
“I think that choice created my passion for traveling and the yearning to discover what the world has to offer,” he stated.
“I remember myself buying Vogue every month even when I didn’t have enough money. I would ask my mom to buy them for me even though she didn’t understand what for? But for me it was like dreaming, and from that I always knew that I would love to represent a brand, an ideology, a movement or something that preaches my own style or convictions,” added.
I am proud of myself because I was born in a suburb in the north of Paris, where nobody ever made half of what I did till now, and I am more and more ambitious everyday. I want to show to the world that it’s not because you come from nothing that your life is to be nothing. We all have something that we have to work on to become what we want to be. I am working like crazy to become my biggest dream: an actor.
Rayan Ricci Farhat was born on July27, 1998 to a Lebanese father and a mother of Italian descent but he sees himself a French Lebanese because he actually grew up in Paris.
He went to a public school in the north suburb of Paris till he was 16 then moved to a private business school in Paris where he studied Marketing and obtained a Masters degree.
He grew up between France and Lebanon, but mostly considers himself French

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