Blockchain Expert vows to make UAE a Hub of Blockchain Technology in the Region

DUBAI, United
Arab Emirates:- Prominent blockchain expert Zijing (Ryan) Xu, also known as Ryan Xu vowed to introduce
blockchain through a number of strategic plans in the sector finance, banking and others in the UAE and in the region.
Ryan Xu is one of the most influential
Key Opinion Leaders in Chinese Digital Currency and Blockchain Community besides the Co-founder of Blockchain Global, Collinstar Capital, and Rongyitou Internet Financial Services Co. Ltd as well as member of the Asian DACA Blockchain Association and Chairman
of HCash Foundation.
Zijing (Ryan) Xu, a prominent blockchain
expert and steering power of a number of projects based on blockchain technology has recently appointed Chief Strategy Officer and member to the Board of Director Code Chain New Continent Limited (CCNC), the leading eco-technology company.
Chief Strategy Officer and member
to the Board of Director CCNC, Zijing (Ryan) Xu said that “The UAE has long history as a top financial centre for the Middle East countries and during the COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE with its measures to tackle the issue from controlling the spread of coronavirus
to vaccination drive has proved that the country is a better and safe place for the tourists and entrepreneur to come here. To consider this opportunity, we decided to move our head office here in Dubai and make investment in the blockchain industry to make
the technology a new way of business in the UAE and MENA.”
Unfolding his plan in the country,
Zijing (Ryan) Xu vowed to introduce Dirham-based stable crypto currency ‘token’ as a new method of payment system in the UAE.
“We are finalizing our side of
work from installing the ‘2nd generation’ crypto mining machines in the country while also waiting for the local regulatory authorities to announce the regulations and start issuing license,” said Zijing (Ryan) Xu, Chief Strategy Officer and member to the
Board of Director CCNC, in an interview in Dubai.
“Our company Code Chain New Continent
Limited (CCNC) listed in Nasdaq and recently engaged in blockchain technology after purchasing a number of Bitcoin mining rigs and became part of the industry and more into interaction with blockchain industry to make further investment besides we are also
looking into payment area.
The CCNC has already installed
crypto mining machines in China due to its cheap labour and resources besides the presence of leading crypto machines manufacturing companies. “But we are working to put our resources like crypto mining machines in the UAE as these will be 2nd generation to
use less electricity and more eco-friendly and based on high-speed internet infrastructure,” he said.
Responding on the rapidly fluctuating
of Bitcoin value in the recent months, Zijing (Ryan) Xu said that “there are good side and bad side, for the bad side people get afraid to not understanding the mechanism reasoning the rapidly change in the price especially in downward but as the good side
of this we can see it is like a baby with its unique nature of expressing different moods but growing very fast.
Shedding light on the company’s
strategy, Zijing (Ryan) Xu said that in the first phase, we are going to move our crypto mining business here in the UAE to create our own crypto currency change platform here in the country besides launching ‘stable’ crypto ‘token’ based on UAE Dirham as
a payment method for common use. “There are crypto tokens based on different regional currencies like dollar, pound sterling and others and for us we think it is best opportunity to introduce new ‘token’ crypto currency locally to fill the gap,” he said.
He further said that they are working
on installing appropriate technology as well as doing marketing to launch the local crypto currency as soon as possible once the local regulatory authorities give permission to issue a certain license. “We are excited to launch our local crypto currency to
grab the huge opportunity in the region,” he added.
Highlighting the company’s future
plan in the region, Zijing (Ryan) Xu said that “we believe that the UAE is a financial centre for the whole Middle East region and for this district as most of the countries are relying on oil but want to change their oil-based economy system as the world
is going to change very fast with its revolutionary inventions in every sector. Everyone is looking for alternative choice and I think the blockchain or crypto currency could be next future as next ‘oil’ or ‘digital oil’. If we are looking for an opportunity,
we need internet, big data, all kind of online financial activities, etc., as this is the future,” he added.
He further said that “the UAE should
grab the opportunity and became the pioneer in blockchain area as it has already done very impressive movement like launched Hope Probe to Mars and ‘world first’ status. I think the UAE government should take some brave move to put some crypto currency as
central bank reserve and that can be the first in the world as eventually the crypto currency will become mainstream and there will be competition among world’s governments for percentage like today’s gold. Today the governments are competing for more gold
reservoirs and soon the fight will be around data or crypto currency or blockchain technology and whoever goes first will have more advantages.”
Mr. Xu has been dedicated to the
Bitcoin industry since 2014, with extensive experience in Blockchain, mining, and investment. He brings special expertise to pioneer Blockchain technology, expand into new markets and leverage new platforms that are especially timely in a fast-changing business
In his new role at Code Chain,
Mr. Xu will be the driving force behind the Company’s strategic focus on Bitcoin mining. Mr. Xu will also help drive the Company’s continued growth by leveraging his extensive professional insights in Bitcoin and industry influence to guide the management’s
crypto currency expansion and development efforts.
In welcoming Mr. Xu, David (Weidong)
Feng, Co-CEO of the Company, commented, “Code Chain is moving rapidly to meet the demands of its mission of cryptocurrency expansion. We are excited for Mr. Xu to join our team as a multi-dimensional and multi-talented leader with a proven successful track
record. Having him help our progress going forward is a huge added value for the Company.”
Mr. Xu said, “I am very pleased
with this excellent opportunity to firmly root in the Company’s strategic direction by offering my knowledge of the Blockchain market. I look forward to being a part of this adventure ahead.”

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