LIDE International Group launches its operations in the United Arab Emirates

Dubai United Arab Emirates

In its effort to enhance international communication, drive innovation, and promote economic development,

Hosted by LIDE Emirates

An exceptional global event in the United Arab Emirates, from the city of Dubai, under the slogan “LIDE Emirates”.

In the presence of Excellency Abdullah bin Touq, Minister of Economy

in which This event brought together a summit of entrepreneurs and leaders from all over the world

The event highlights innovation and collaboration:
The global event in Dubai embodied the spirit of cooperation and exchange between entrepreneurs and leaders.
Participants received exclusive opportunities, interacted with global leaders, and benefited from new opportunities for business partnerships

As he stated at the event

His Excellency Abdullah bin Touq, Minister of Economy: “The UAE government remains committed to promoting a business-friendly environment, recognizing the vital role that private enterprise plays in driving our economy forward. Strengthening cooperation at the private sector level also highlights the deepening of ties between the UAE and Brazil. Our partnership with Brazil “It is not limited to specific sectors, but rather includes a wide range of industries, and most importantly, new sectors of the economy and emerging industries.”

A vision consistent with sustainable development:

LIDE Group confirmed

Its commitment to promoting sustainable development and ethical business practices. So that the United Arab Emirates, and especially Dubai, has become a center for achieving the group’s ambitions to make it a center

For meetings and events

Mr. Rodrigo Pavia, CEO of LIDE Emirates Group, said during the event

The LIDE Group plays a vital role as a global network of businessmen and leaders in promoting economic development and entrepreneurship by influencing all economic and social levels by creating ethical business communities that promote advanced and sustainable growth.

And, Rodrigo Paiva, CEO of LIDE Emirates Group, confirmed plans to start a new phase of motivation and communication in the field of entrepreneurship. In this context, Paiva said: “It is a new time for innovation and interaction, as we continue to provide initiatives that enhance economic development and foster the entrepreneurial spirit.”

Paiva pointed out that the original idea for this conference came from Brazil, specifically from the company’s founder and CEO, Joan Doria, Governor of São Paulo State. Doria conceived this brilliant idea twenty years ago, and today LIDE has been a successful enterprise for two decades, the largest group in the whole of Latin America.

The President of LIDE Emirates stressed the goal of the event in the Emirates, as it seeks to connect senior executives with their businesses and replicate the success they achieved in Latin America. The concept behind bringing together old businessmen is to provide an opportunity for exchange and provide a platform to discuss important topics and identify future trends in the business world.

“We chose Dubai as the venue for this conference because it not only provides a great environment for business, but today it is an important player globally. It is everyone’s destination for doing business, and it is the perfect place to be at the moment,” he said.

At the conclusion of his statements, the President of LIDE Emirates hinted at a bright future awaiting them, as they intend to organize another event next March that will include 80 prominent businessmen from Brazil and a number of ministers and rulers. The LIDE President thus pledges to continue these initiatives regularly, to bring together the business community and promote dialogue on relevant issues.

International participation:

The event brought together participants from various sectors and industries around the world, positively impacting cultural exchange and international cooperation among attendees

The global event in Dubai embodied the spirit of cooperation and exchange between entrepreneurs and leaders. Participants will have access to exclusive opportunities, interact with global leaders, and benefit from new opportunities for business partnerships and investment.

LIDE International Group was established In 2003

It started from Brazil

By João Doria Junior, former Governor of São Paulo State. The main goal of the group was to promote economic development and entrepreneurship by building an ethical and advanced business community around the world, so that the LIDE Group is now present in Latin America, the United States of America, Europe, and East Asia, and now it is launching in the Middle East through the United Arab Emirates.

Organized by LIDE Group

Strategically enhances its international activities to facilitate interaction between communities
Diversified business all over the world.
Through targeted events and platforms, the organization fosters a global network that encourages collaboration, exchange of ideas and business partnerships across borders

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