DALLAS Mavericks Stun OKC Thunder!

By: Jason Gabriel, Al Manara Magazine- Dubai

OKLAHOMA CITY- They thought they will take 2-0 lead in Western Playoffs series round 1. The home fans were screaming and the streamers were falling onto the court but it’s too early to celebrate.
Mavericks escaped the Game 2 matchup against Thunder.
Dallas had been disappointed 108-70 in the opener on Saturday, but the Mavericks came back on Monday night and held Thunder to a 33.7 percent of shooting.
Despite of missing some key players, J.J Barea sat with a groin strain and Deron Williams declared doubtful to play with left abdominal strain but scored 13 points in for Dallas.
“This wouldn’t be possible if Deron Williams hadn’t given a shot,” Coach of Dallas Carlisle said. “He got us off to a good solid start-actually better than a solid start; he got us off a very good start.”
It was Raymond Felton who led the Mavericks with 21 points. The veteran Dirk Nowitzki scored 17 points as the Dallas stuns the Oklahoma.
“I’m very proud of our guys and the way they responded after one of the most disappointing games in franchise history,” Carlisle said. “It’s a group with a lot of pride, and obviously, a lot of resilience.”
Kevin Durant having a worst postseason shooting performance only scores 21 points and made 7 out of 33 shots. This is the adjustment made by the Mavericks to put more pressure on Durant offensive skills.
“It was a bad shooting night for me” Durant said. “It’s part of it. I wish didn’t happen tonight, but it’s a part of it. I got some great looks all night and I just didn’t knock them down. It was just one of those nights.”
Oklahoma’s player Steven Adams put back a missed lay-up by his teammate at the buzzer to bring them to victory but the officials disallowed it upon review and the Dallas even the series.
Dallas now head back to Texas for Game 3, with home court advantage they may take the lead in the series.

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